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Ok, Let me tell you why/who i am writing this to. There is a girl at my school who i like. I mean, i had had a crush on her since the moment i saw her. Names haev been changed to procect my ass....

How we met. I was invited to a gay club, 18+, for my friend Jan's 21st birthday. Well, she had been drinkign all day adn forgot to send me my ride. Another one of my friends, Kiley had told me she was going later, but had soccer practice adn would be leaving late. I call her and she says she can give me a ride if i get to her room in 10 mins. So i am there in 3, ok few times i ran, btu i wanted to get out.
Keep in mind, there are friends i rarely actually hung out with, more like new thru a club ro another friend. Well, got her place and there was Jackers. Kiley and her gf, Katie, and Jackers. Jackers was actually the one driving there. Wow, was she gorgeous. Blonde hair, not long but not as short as it could be, tucked under a hat (i love the tom boy look) witht hat smile.
Well, the shyness of me kicked in, and we all left for the club. Stopped somewhere to get a soda for Katie and her and Kiley went in. So Jackers and I talked for a few, i forget what but i remeber beign very shy.
We get to the club, and i don;t dance much anyway. So my friends are tryign to get me to. both kiley and Katie get me out on the floor for like 2 mins each, after much work. Then i go back to sitting. Jackers asks me once to dance, but says she won't make me do anything. Of said no at first but boy, did i want her ot ask me again.
Finally Jan gets there....smashed and give me a hug. I give ehr $20 buck adn says to have a few drinks...definatly surgest a blue hawian...not that i have ever had one, i am too young of course.
She goes bakc to her firends, dances, comes back a sfew times to say again and stuff.
The four of us are tired adn not dancing too much, so we decided to leave. On the way back, Katie and Kiley wanted to sit together int he bakc, so i got upfront with Jackers. We get back to campus, we drop the two off adn her dorm is next to mine, so we get to hers, i thank her for the ride and that was about it. Boy did i like her. She is a year a head of me, btu not much older, only by liek 4 months or somethign.
I used to notice her walking by...cause my window is right by the walkway to the class rooms, i am nto a stalker...or if she was on the law grillin. Waved to eachother if we saw eachother. Nothign much. A few days after...maybe a week...the club, Jan IMs and says that she likes me and all that. I never really looked at her that way, btu i figured, if i ever hope Jackers willgive me a shot, i at least shoudl do that same for Jan. That worked out rather well actaully. We liked eachother, got along. Found things in eachoher the other one did nto haev and loved to talk. So we offically were gfs. Still had a crush on Jackers, but i usually don't lose my crushes. jsut become really good frineds. I could list off the friends at college who started off as my crushes.
Ok yeah, i know i am boreing, but i need help.
Anyway. Jan lives off campus with two roomates, so they have cook-outs and whatnot alot. So the end of the year one, Jackers, Kiley and Katie came. Jackers has a thing for one fo the girls there, Sally. I don;t quite know what/if they ahve done anything, but Jackers really wants to. That the jist i got from that party.
Anyway, summer started, my gf and i broke up, we still talk and all, she is great person. And sinc esummer has started, Jackers and I talk online alot. Like we are becoming really good friends. She talks alot about Sally, which is kinda torture, but i do care to help her, i want her to be happy. She doesn;t really want ot go out with Sally, more of see what she thinking and all.

Well, now i am single, the more i talk to her the more i like her. From the talking though, i don't think i ma really her type, we are becomign good friends, and she still has nto gotten and answer from sally.
But i want to ask her out. But like, if she says no, not lose the friendship, sorta like, well woudl u ever, cause i would, but if not, alright. Sort of thing. I mean, i want to wait and see what sally says, btu then i don;t want to look like i am waiting for her to rebound, i am nto into it for sex or anything, i am a virgin, so i knwo she will see that. I mean, i want to be respectful of her and Sally andall but i really really like her.
Oh, another issue, we live a good 2-3 hours away from eachother, but she has two more years at school and i got 3. So thats a plus

What do i do?

I was thinking of writing her a letter. And ia m gonna try one, let me knwo what u think

Any advice i would appriciate.

Hey Jackers,

Hope things are going good. Feeling better? I hope so. Don't work yourself too hard, that ain't cool, ur body doesn't like ya when u do that. Oh how was ur trip? Bet it was a blaste spending the weekend with the fam.
Ok, well i got something to ask ya. its kind of ackward and all, but really want to know. I was wondering that, if stuff doesn't work out between u and sally, would ya ever consider going on a date or something with me. Maybe doing the friends with a little more thing. I know you're nto really looking for a relationship and niether am I, but i do like ya, ur awesome to talk to, gorgeous, and have an awesome personality
If not, thats totally cool. I understand, but I had to ask ya.
Hope this doesn't like freak ya out or anything or get ya to stop talking to me online, cause we have become pretty good friends this summer and i don't want to lose that. If ya don't want to, don't worry, the subject won't come up again, not to worry. Most of the peopel i have had crushes on, have become my best friends at school, and nothign ever happened.
Ok, i knwo thisis lame and all, but i really want to know if there is a chance, that way i can either have something to look forward to, or get past it.
Hope to talk to ya soon, dude.

- Keri
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Spellcheck, anyone?

Goodluck, though!